PRO EDU: Goat and Boat Community Assignment Winner

The PRO EDU photography group recently hosted an online community assignment. The challenge was to create a composite image that had both a goat and a boat in it, and provide a caption that told viewers about the goat and the (mis)adventures it had involving a boat. The contest judges included Clinton Lofthouse (UK Composite Photographer and Digital Artist), Renee Robyn (PRO EDU Instructor and Composite Photographer) and the PRO EDU Staff.

There were so many great entries that the judges decided to select their top favorites and allow the public to vote for their favorite…the winner received a Sigma 85mm f/1.4 lens. I’m very excited to announce I was the winner of the challenge and look forward to shooting with my new Sigma lens!


Congrats to Alana Lee for winning the latest Community Assignment.

Alana won an 85mm Sigma Art lens and absolutely crushed the creative, execution, and story behind this Goat & The Boat assignment.

Port Hope photographer Alana Lee wins ProEdu composite photography challenge

Two goats discuss a missing friend in a detective office in this funny photography composite created by digital artist Alana Lee for ProEdu challenge.

To create my winning entry I first thought about the story I wanted to tell. I knew I wanted to create something a little different – not just a goat in a boat, but to incorporate goats and boats into a general theme. I always love search and find type images, so I decided to write a story using goats as the main characters. The story began as a 50s inspired detective case, investigating the disappearance of a goat (Last seen setting out on a nautical adventure). I thought it would be fun to incorporate words that rhymed with goat and boat into the image, so brainstormed and came up with a list of objects that I could also hide in the image. When a viewer read the story that went along with the image I challenged them to also find the hidden objects.

After pulling stock images from both Adobe Stock and Pixabay I began the process of selecting the objects and placing them in the image. I use the transform and warp tools often during this process to adjust the stock images to match the perspective of the background image. Careful color toning and selective dodge and burning help to pull the various elements together and I try to match up the lighting as close as possible between the stock images and background plate. Final color toning was done using the “Femme Fatale” color toning action, created by Kate Woodman for the Fine Art Actions cinematic collection.

Read the story I submitted that goes along with the image that includes rhyming words that can be found within the image. Can you find all of the hidden objects?


Gary was off on yet another nautical adventure on his private BOAT but went missing at sea. His partner, Matilda (looking very HAUTE in the red COAT), received a curious ransom NOTE inside a TOTE that also contained a small bottle with a model GOAT on a BOAT. She came to Frank (he’s Gary’s old sailing buddy and running for mayor, please remember to VOTE) in hopes that he can help her figure out what happened to her beloved partner. Curiously, Frank had also received a note “They All FLOAT” the evening before, that somebody slipped under the television REMOTE on his desk while he was out. It now hangs on his wall as another clue, alongside his subscription reminder from PRO EDU.

Answer Key:

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