a close up of apple blossoms used on a digital photography background

Portrait featured in Vogue Italia

Congratulations to Miss Crosby whose portrait has been featured in the online PhotoVogue photography gallery of Vogue Italia !

This makes my heart especially happy because this young lady is SO beautiful, inside and out and she deserves this so much! To have your portrait featured in Vogue Italia is kind of a big deal.

Floral Backgrounds for Studio Portraits

When the editors of Vogue Italia chose to feature my portrait I was pretty excited because I used one of my new digital backgrounds, available as part of the Floral Collection in my online store. I love them so much and it is super cool that Vogue has featured an image using my apply blossom background! This digital backdrop is one of the 100 botanical inspired images in this collection that can be used as backgrounds, textures or overlays.

This collection of is created from a mixture of public domain old master floral paintings, vintage textiles, and as bespoke floral art, overlays and textures curated, created and edited by Alana Lee Photography. Digital backgrounds are a great way for photographers and digital artists to add interest to their images. Digital backgrounds are a cost effective alternative to canvas or paper backgrounds in the photography studio. You can also print these images on fine art paper or canvas and display them in your home to bring the beauty of flowers into your interiors, create custom wallpaper, scrapbooking, phone cases, or whatever your creative mind can dream of.

Use these digital backgrounds as layered files and choose different blending modes (I usually use overlay, soft light, normal or multiply depending on the individual image and effect I wish to achieve) in your Photoshop or other editing software to add interest to your images. The final look will vary, depending on the colors and details of the image you are using and the layer blending mode chosen. You can also use layer masks when adding these digital backgrounds to selectively apply them to desired areas, crop in and use only portions of the digital backgrounds in your composition, or try varying the opacity for unlimited creative possibilities.

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