PRO EDU: Goat and Boat Community Assignment Winner

The PRO EDU photography group recently hosted an online community assignment. The challenge was to create a composite image that had both a goat and a boat in it, and provide a caption that told viewers about the goat and the (mis)adventures it had involving a boat. The contest judges included Clinton Lofthouse (UK Composite Photographer and Digital Artist), Renee Robyn (PRO EDU Instructor and Composite Photographer) and the PRO EDU Staff.

There were so many great entries that the judges decided to select their top favorites and allow the public to vote for their favorite…the winner received a Sigma 85mm f/1.4 lens. I’m very excited to announce I was the winner of the challenge and look forward to shooting with my new Sigma lens!


Congrats to Alana Lee for winning the latest Community Assignment.

Alana won an 85mm Sigma Art lens and absolutely crushed the creative, execution, and story behind this Goat & The Boat assignment.

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phlearn guest post on the Alana Lee Photography blog

Guest Blog: Introduction to the Basics of Retouching

Introduction To The Basics of Retouching


From magazine covers to family photos, retouching is used to enhance or change an image in many different ways. When starting out in retouching, learning some basic information will make the process easier. Retouching in Photoshop can be intimidating and may be confusing at times on where to start. Here are some tips on starting out in the process of retouching.

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photography basics and how to use your camera from the Alana Lee Photography blog

Photography Basics: My Top 3 Camera Menu Settings

I’m often asked for tips on how to use a camera, how to get the best images using a digital camera and what is the secret to taking great photographs. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite tips and techniques here on my blog, so be sure to follow along if you want to learn some insider tips on how you can take the best photographs using your digital camera!

Let’s kick off this series with my top 3 camera menu settings.

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In addition to launching a new Photography Resource and listing service, has announced they will be giving out $1000 scholarships for photography education! You can find out more about these scholarships by visiting their information page HERE.

Win a Sony a7 III Camera! Announces Worldwide Launch & Sony Giveaway

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Announces Worldwide Launch & Sony Giveaway

Dallas, TX – April 1, 2019 – ( is celebrating the official launch of to the worldwide photography community with a month long giveaway, including a grand prize of a Sony a7 III camera. is a Modern Photography Organization that connects consumers to photographers in their area. membership is free for working photographers and it is free for anyone to utilize to find a photographer. Photographers worldwide can now sign up for their free account and profile on announces it’s official launch to the worldwide photography community. is a new membership organization interested in helping photographers around the world grow their business. The organization aims to disrupt the current subscription-based business models used across the majority of the photography industry. “Photographers don’t make a lot of money, so charging them for directory listings and unnecessary memberships is counter productive to running a profitable photography business” stated Joshua Hohweiler, the lead co-founding photographer of Tom Chambers, another co-founder, adds that “The current landscape of paid member and marketing solutions for photographers is outdated, costly and top-heavy. Technology and the right vision can change that, and with we have a novel approach that will disrupt the current paradigm.”

The Grand Prize of the giveaway is a Sony a7 III camera. We chose this Sony camera because we felt it struck the perfect balance between a professional dslr and a consumer-friendly powerhouse. Mirrorless technology is rapidly growing and Sony is leading the way. One lucky photographer will get to add this incredible camera to their bag.

10 Complete Store Runner-Up Prizes will also be awarded courtesy of Greater Than Gatsby (

The giveaway begins April 1st and ends April 30th, with the winner announced May 1st on our giveaway page and social media channels.

To learn more about the full entry requirements and options, including official rules, please visit the Giveaway page.

the portrait masters 2019 gold award winner is Alana Lee

The Golden Fish

In my universe this is about as big as it gets. For the past couple of years I have been working towards mastering my craft and earning accreditation through the Portrait Masters awards program, started by my mentor Sue Bryce. Her education platform is second to none, and I’ve grown so much – technically as a photographer, and personally through embracing self-love, confidence and courage to face my self-perceived faults and embrace my creativity. To rise above my physical and mental challenges and not only become my best self but to inspire and empower others through my craft.

During the most recent accreditation and awards I have received numerous bronze, a silver and that one thing I never dreamed I could achieve at this point in my career…a gold merit. Not only did I win the pet portrait category, but my image of Gus the Goldfish was awarded one of the only 6 gold merits ever awarded from the panel of international judges in the history of this accreditation and awards program. Being a category winner is rewarding in itself, but meriting gold with this image is so special for a few reasons.

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Gold seal for the Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation program by Sue Bryce Education

Photography Awards and Accreditation

Why should photographers enter awards and competitions?

Why do photography awards matter? That is a question I have contemplated over the past few years. For me, entering photography competitions is an opportunity to have my images seen across the industry and within the photography community as well as featured in press and online. Entering competitions allows me to really engage myself in the creative process and push my limits with both creativity and technique. Some photography competitions offer cash prizes or gear to winners, which is always nice, but what I benefit most from is receiving valuable feedback about my submitted images that I can learn from and improve my craft.

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Port Hope photographer Alana Lee wins 3 honorable mentions in the 2018 Monochrome Black and White photography awards

2018 Monochrome Photography Awards

Port Hope Photographer wins honorable mentions in the 2018 International Monochrome Awards

As my photography journey continues I have set a goal to enter International Photography Awards. By participating in these competitions a photographer gains international exposure and recognition among their peers and within the photography industry. It is also an opportunity to gauge where I am among my peers and assess how I am progressing in my goal to master my craft.

Recently I entered four images into the 2018 Monocrhrome Awards and was delighted to learn that three of my entries placed with honorable mentions in the professional categories of Portrait, Fine Art, and Photomanipulation.

Monochrome Photography Awards conducts an annual international competition for professional and amateur photographers honoring black and white photography. Their mission is to celebrate monochrome visions and discover the most amazing photographers from around the world.


 Honorable mention:


 Honorable mention:

Fine Art

Honorable mention:



You can read more about why I think photography awards and accreditation programs are important on my blog post “Why Photographers Should Enter Awards and Competitions

portrait of ethnic woman in Peterborough Ontario by Alana Lee Photography

The Power of a Portrait

Just One Photo: An authentic portrait session for every woman

Early one morning in late December I received a phone call from Jennifer. She was turning 41 and wished to be photographed on that very same day. It was last minute and unplanned but I could tell just from the urgency and conviction in her voice that it was very, very important to her. After moving a few things around in my schedule I was able to fit her in…”Just one photograph”, she said. “I just need one photograph of ME, on THIS day”.

Typically, my portrait and headshot sessions begin with a consultation to carefully plan and style the perfect photography experience for each client. But my heart told me Jennifer needed something different. No makeup. No hair styling. No wardrobe. Just Jennifer.

Through the course of our hour session we talked. About life. About death. About the highs and lows we all face on our journey. We all have our own unique paths, yet underneath it all we all have commonalities that tie us together through our humanity. Our fears. What brings us joy. Our regrets, challenges and our hopes for the future.

Together Jennifer and I explored what she was feeling on this day, her 41st birthday. We laughed and cried together while creating the most perfectly imperfect portraits of her. Stretch marks, wrinkles, scars, laugh lines and all.

In the end we captured much more than “just one photograph”. In addition to a collection of portraits that Jennifer will treasure forever we captured her humanity. Her beautiful soul. And these prints will become part of her legacy to be passed down, along with her story, through generations to come.


I believe EVERY woman should have the experience of a portrait session that captures her authentic self.


Here is what Jennifer wrote about her experience:


I had been discharged from the hospital a day before these pictures were taken of me. Attempting to heal from multiple infections, I was physically and mentally exhausted. I often take pride in being fit, perhaps taking my health for granted, but after multiple trips to and from the hospital with each one not resulting in recovery, I found the whole experience to be a humbling one. Culminating weeks of stress from work, school, and at home, my body finally gave out on me. I went from running 15 to 20 kilometers daily to struggling trying to get out of bed. Reflecting on 2018 that morning, I realized I wanted to document how fourty-one years looked on me. I was in a vulnerable place, but also recognized that if I could make it through, I would experience brighter moments ahead. I am after all a fighter. I have survived and am still surviving severe depression and crippling anxiety as a result of trying to cope with the loss of our first child and more recently, the possibility of losing our youngest. Yet I am still alive and functioning. I wanted to document this pain and vulnerability I had endured and been enduring through photographs, as a reminder for me – that I have faced some very dark chapters in my life, lived through them and I can do it again. Because for every dark moment that makes me pause to reflect if I can continue to endure the pain, there has been, so far wonderful moments that follow reminding me life is worth living. That I am loved, and that I have strength, and that I am still capable of fighting for something meaningful. My life like many others, I imagine, has not been without its challenges. And I don’t necessarily want it to be. It is colourful because of everything I`ve been so blessed to have experienced. In my fourty-one years, I’ve lived in an orphanage, had wealth and disparity, been adopted and disowned, traveled, endured physical and mental pain, survived abusive relationships, and also embraced in loving relationships. I’ve met individuals that I fear, hated, respect, admired, Love and worshipped. I have let myself be vulnerable and deeply hurt, but also learned valuable lessons from it – Like who deserves my passion and heart, and who doesn’t. I’ve been faced with ethical conundrums and am still working through them hoping to one day rejoin my son in heaven instead of looking up from a much less desirable place. Over all, I don’t have regrets. I lived a full life. I have scars to show for it: my stretch marks on my belly, and the wrinkles and laugh lines on my face tell many stories. My stories. And I hope to have many more to share”.


Retouching: Erin O’Connor @retouchingnyc and Alana Lee @photographybyalanalee

Lighting: Stella Pro Lights @stellaprolights

Music: “Charge” by Gerson Lopes @_gersonlopes_


If you are ready to start planning the photography experience of a lifetime, contact Alana Lee today for your no obligation complimentary consultation.



Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.

Kahlil Gibran