Alana Lee Photography: Apples 2018 holiday ad share your gifts

Best Holiday Ad 2018

Have you ever made something wonderful but were too afraid to share it? This is the question our friends at Apple ask in their 2018 Holiday ad. The short film created by Pixar features music by 16 year old Billie Eilish (“Come out and Play”) and follows a young girl who keeps her creations a secret until her dog accidentally opens a window, releasing the papers into the community where they are seen and enjoyed by everyone.

Apple: Share Your Gifts

This ad is particularly important as it starts a conversation that is often brushed under the table – that most creatives often suffer from “imposter syndrome”, or the feeling that no matter how good their work actually is they think that it is not worthy of praise or even existence. For some creatives the struggle is so huge that it often prevents them from sharing their creations with anyone. They feel “not good enough” and have an illogical sense of insecurity with no real evidence to back it up. The worst part is that those who are suffering from this often keep their feelings to themselves, thinking they are alone in their thoughts and don’t reach out to others for support and encouragement. Often they will give up their creative persuits altogether.

Personally I have often felt this. Ideas that I think are too wild or not mainstream, or creative images that I work on for days and then never share because I think people won’t like it or think they are not good enough. Luckily I have built a network of supportive friends, family and colleagues who I trust to talk to whenever I sense these feelings and most often can work through them and gain confidence to share my work. I think that is the most important lesson – to know that it is normal, to talk about it and then we will grow the confidence in ourselves to be bold and have the courage to share our gifts with the world.



While we are in the holiday spirit, be sure to join us after the Port Hope Santa Claus Parade for your free photos with Santa!

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